Reiki Energy Work

reiki symbol“Reiki is pronounced ‘Ray-key’. Rei means universal and refers to spiritual energy. Ki means the vital life force which flows through all that is alive. The word Ki is called Chi in Chinese, prana in Yoga, light by Christ, and also, life force by the Essenes. Reiki means the universal life force energy. The Reiki training is the art of activating, directing and applying this universal life force energy to promote energy balancing, healing and maintenance of wellness. It helps to balance the energies on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Reiki training can be used for self-healing as well as for healing other humans, animals and plants. Once activated, through attunement, it is always available for the rest of your life. The most important thing in using the Reiki energy is to understand that it is our birthright. It is a gift of Divine Grace.”

Cousens, MD, Reiki Master

I offer Reiki energy sessions on an individual basis. My fee for individual sessions is $45 and they usually take 60 minutes. Reiki is an ancient Buddhist healing method that has been introduced to the Western World in the last 100 years. I am of the Usui Reiki tradition. I also offer first, second and third level attunements/initiations by special arrangements. I will make every effort to include you in a class of students at your attunement, which usually heightens the experience. I offer no guarantee that Reiki energy sessions will heal any specific area of your being. It is a highly individualized experience. I offer a Reiki Share session the first Wednesday of each month from 7 to 09:30 PM at my office.

I first became involved with Reiki energy in 1996
when my long-time friend, Lynn, suggested that I attend a Reiki Share session with him. He had recently learned about Reiki and received his Level I attunement from Master Ray Golden, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I loved the warm energy from my very first time on the table. Since then, Reiki has become an integral part of my life and spirituality. I received my level I attunement in 1996 and followed with my Level II attunement six months later in 1997. My Master, Ray Golden, then gave me my Level III attunement after I completed graduate school in 2003. After moving to Portland that same year, I received my master training from Reiki Master Suanne Jackson in early 2004. Working with this universal energy has been supportive, informing and sustaining for me throughout my involvement. I am forever grateful to Ray, Suanne, all of my students and fellow practitioners and especially to my friend, Lynn.

Paul Rakoczy, LCSW, Reiki Master